Claude Bindika, Full stack dev

Drupal lover
Symfony artist
Linux crafter
ReactJs friendly
Git wizard
PHP connoisseur

Hi, I am Claude

Full stack dev currently enjoying Symfony & Drupal 8 + ReactJs, love to ship beautiful code and build useful products

A motivated, adaptable and committed full stack developer with a range of technical and management abilities acquired through working in numerous projects with startups, charities and corporates. As a result of my experience, I am able to:

  • Lead the development and creation of cutting-edge websites & web apps
  • Manage the full life cycle of any web projects (the full stack: Linux PHP MySQL
  • Troubleshoot, maintain and develop any web based projects PHP is my main language but I do love working with ReactJs & AngularJs
  • Define and implement the overall technical strategies
  • Create and implement a framework and environment for best practices

Symfony artists 80%

Drupal 7/8 90%

Git wizard 85%

Linux crafter 85%

Agile friendly 80%

Javascript Maestro (ReactJs, Angular) 75%

Happy dev 300%

  • From working with Claude, I would say that he has not only significant technical skills, but also a thorough understanding of best practices in application and project structure.

    Alasdair Semple, Senior Developer at Viacom International Media Networks
  • Claude is an exceptional lead developer who always looks for the best solution to any given problem. His knowledge of Drupal and Symphony, along with dev and server environments, make him an amazing asset to any team. His management of the dev team at Bloodwise ensured that they remained motivated and engaged even when the pressure was on and time was tight.

    Rich Williams,Principle Experience Consultant at Manifesto Digital
  • I have worked closely with Claude for a year and it has always been very stimulating to interact with him. One of the strongest aspects of his character is that he always tries to come up with solutions that take into account the context and business reasons behind the requirements. In short not only is he a skilled developer, but he also has great potential for becoming a leader in any tech company that will be lucky enough to hire him!

    Stanislas Auzou, Product Manager
  • Claude is a great manager, he's not bossy but friendly and knows how to include people ideas within the team in the project. He has a good technical knowledge which helps to keep the project on track. Good person too to go to a pub after work!

    Sergio Guardiola Herrador, Drupal developer at RCNI
  • Claude has been my Manager and lead developer for over a year now. We work together on a complex Drupal environment, managed by a very solid work process, implemented and lead by Claude. He is a talent developer with strong problem solving skills. Claude is a supportive manager who always take the time to teach and share his knowledge. He always challenges me at work and keeps pushing to get the best out of me, which i appreciate. I like working with Claude, he is very friendly and professional and i'm always learning something new working with him.

    Thomas Salah, Freelance Remote Frontend Developer
  • Claude is a very motivated lead developer. He is especially thorough and has a depth of knowledge that can be applied to any project or task. He has wonderful personality with a positive attitude and problem solving skills which makes working with Claude a real pleasure.

    Richard Oakey, Senior Software Developer at Viacom International Media Networks
  • Claude has a jeweller approach to writing code. Each piece is polished to the very last bit and matters to him. His great programming skills have made a big difference at Broadbean and his improvements to the lifecycle process have increased a lot our quality of service. His ability to deal with complex programming problems have made him a key member of the team.

    Mehdi Souihed, Software Developer - Golang / PHP
  • Claude a de grandes compétences de communication, l'avoir dans son équipe est un atout majeur. Avoir travailler avec lui alors qu'il était chef de projet a été très enrichissant.

    Ludovic Marti, Leader Technique
  • Claude est un excellent développeur avec un grand talent de communiquant. Il s'est toujours avéré un atout précieux au cours des projets auxquels il a collaboré.

Let me answer few questions

I am currently between Paris and London, I am an happy digital nomad since few months. I have adopted this way of working few months back after many years working with remotes teams (while being on site).

I’d be happy to relocate anywhere in the world but I have some favorite places:

  • I dream of California, loved my time in New York and can see myself there or somewhere in the US
  • I worked remotely from Asia (and missed it)
  • Paris and London still have many secrets for me and would love to discover more
Yes! I am completely flexible and happy to call home anywhere my skills are needed.

  • I do try to play music and sometime thinks that I am good at it
  • I love to read technical stuffs, on paper version (I am an oldschool dude)
  • Of course, I do travel

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